Specialist dog boots for disabled, injured or wounded dogs. Protect dog paw injuries with dog shoes or booties and prevent paw injuries in active, working, or service dogs with our dogboots

Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots - Prevention and Protection
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Dog Boots for Disabled Dogs
Paw Protection for Active Working Dogs
Leg Protectors


Dog Boots

Protect dog paws from injury on harsh terrain, waterproof dogboots shield wounds and dressings.

Don't wait for Accidents!

Always carry a pair of dog boots in case your dog injures himself

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Leg Protectors

Protect agility and flyball dogs from skid injuries. Also provide support to weak joints


Active, sporting and working
dog boots or shoes
Pet dog booties

Disabled dog orthopedic boots
and socks

stay on in all conditions, even swimming
prevent and protect paw injuries
prevent bruising from thorns, harsh, stoney, rocky ground or seaside shells and coral
protect chronic injuries such as sprung toe, claws or dew claws and strained ligaments
prevent skid injuries from
fast running and turns
alleviate lameness caused by soft tissue injuries such as bruising
assist swift return to work following injury

protect and prevent foot injuries
keep dressings or plaster casts dry
help prevent chewing and worrying
prevent snow and ice ball formation
protect from road salt in cold conditions
protect from paw burns caused by
cold or hot surfaces

protect from allergens and grass seeds
padded dog boots for dogs with arthritis
prevent slipping on smooth flooring

prevent damage and infection
to dragging paws
(e.g CDRM, nerve damage, arthritis, injury, spondylitis, road traffic accident,spinal stroke or injury)
protect the end of a stump if a paw is missing or partially amputated
joint and leg protection to support or stabilize collapsed joints or ligaments


Design and features


Orthopedic design retains the dog's current mobility and natural paw movement to the extent possible
Breathable fabric that will not cause the dog's paw to become hot and sweaty
Leather paw pads giving natural feel for the dog as well as protection from burning and freezing
Adjustable velcro straps for varied leg lengths mean boots securely fastened and stay on your dog
Lightweight, yet tough and durable
Fully waterproof option available
Slip resistant

Fully washable and reusable

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Some recent comments about our dog boots
Floyd, German Shepherd, Wales
Floyd's owner writes: "The boots are doing an excellent job of protecting his feet and I would thoroughly recommend them to any other GSD owners whose dogs are suffering from CDRM and starting to drag their feet. "
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